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Why Change Your Oil at Reino Mobil

At Reino Mobil we know your time is valuable. That's why we strive to quickly change your oil in under 30 minutes. It's important for the life and value of your vehicle to change your oil to manufacturer recommendations. So stop on by and meet our professional staff. We'll get your vehicle serviced and have you on your way in no time at all.

Why Change your Oil

Over time oil gets dirty. It is one of the facts of life that things get dirty. Oil gets dirty as well. Particles from engine use and exposure to engine processes compromise oil integrity and introduce pollutants. Dirty oil is not as effective at lubricating your engine and will cause unnecessary engine wear.

Oil Breaks Down

I think most of us have heard the term "sludge" and know that it is bad for our engines.  Sludge is cause by oil that has broken down.  Normally the long molecules of oil work their way between the metal parts so that moving metal parts never really touch each other. But those long chains don’t last forever. Heat and the motion of the engine break down the long chains into shorter chains and with time those chains are broken down even more. Old oil is not as effective at lubricating your engine and will cause unnecessary engine wear.

Quick Oil Change Services at Reino Mobil

At Reino Mobil we strive to provide fast and convenient oil change services to our customers. We are located on the corner of Reino Road and Borchard Road in the Thousand Oaks community of Newbury Park.  We're right next to Trader Joe's perhaps right on your way home. Getting your vehicle serviced quickly is our goal. Most oil changes can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We are a local small business and hope that you stop by sometime and meet our professional staff.

  • We use Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil in all our sythetic oil changes.  Many cars today and most hybrid recommend or require sythetic oils.  Mobil 1 synthetic oil is one of the highest rated and highest performing oils.  Many people don't know the benefits of synthetic versus conventional oil.    Both synthetic and conventional oil are petroleum based products, synthetic oil however is refined further than conventional oil improving the ability to reduce friction in your engine at extreme temperature and load.  What this means is that you engine will experience reduce wear and tear especially during the heat of summer in Ventura County. For more information on Mobil 1 and its benfits see The benefits of synthetic oil and Mobil 1 performance charateristics.

What We Do When We Change Your Oil

  • Inspection

    We do a safety inspection of your car to check for wear and help ensure that your vehicle has no safety issues.

  • Change Oil

    We change your oil and replace it with the best products for your car possible.

  • Change Oil Filter

    We replace the oil filter in your vehicle with the type apporopriate for your type of car.

  • Recycle

    Reino Mobil sends all of your used oil and even the oil filter to recyclers. This is great for the environmnet.