Can Reino Mobil Test My Vehicle

Reino Mobil is a licensed Test and Repair that is STAR certified.  Reino Mobil can check vehicles that have been directed to a STAR station.  To check if you must visit a STAR station, look at your DMV paper work. If you must take your vehcle to a STAR station you will see that information at the top of the document.

What is a Smog Check

Very simply a smog check is a test which measures the amount of pollution emitted from the tested vehicle. In the state of California as in a number of other states, vehicle owners are required to have an emissions test run on their vehicles. This test is called an emissions check, emissions test, smog check, or smog test. You can find out more at the bureau of automotive repair smog program as well as helpful posts at sites such as www.check, What is a Smog Check?

What if the Smog Check Fails

In the event that you fail your test don't panic. Reino Mobil is a test and repair station and so we can diagnose and repair the problem. Repairs need not be expensive. Something as simple as a bad gas cap can cause a failure. You can find out more at the bureau of automotive repair smog program as well as helpful posts at sites such as www.check, What to Do If You Fail Your Smog Test?

Smog Check Services at Reino Mobil

At Reino Mobil we strive to provide fast and convenient smog test services to our customers.  We are a STAR Certified Inspection and Repair station located on the corner of Reino Road and Borchard Avenue in Newbury Park, next to Trader Joe's, perhaps right on your way home. Getting your vehicle tested quickly is our goal. Most smog checks can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We are a local small business and hope that you stop by sometime and meet our friendly staff.

  • Reino Mobil is a California licensed Smog Inspection and Repair station. Unlike Test Only stations we can both test your vehicle and repair it if something is wrong. A test only station cannot diagnose or repair any issues, you will need to visit a repair station like Reino Mobil. If you test with us no only will you recieve fast and convenient service, but you will avoid visiting multiple businesses to get your vehicle certified.

    If you smog test was required to register your vehicle, when your vehicle passes the smog check we will issue a certificate and transmit it to the DMV on your behalf. There is no need to schedule an appointment or visit the DMV, simply send in your paperwork as directed.

What We Do When We Test Your Vehicle

  • Visual Inspection

    A visual and functional inspection identifies that the required emissions control components and systems are identified, appear properly connected.

  • Functional Test

    Depending on the specific characteristics of your vehicle a number of tests such as EGR, EVAP , gas cap and an on-board computer test are performed.

  • Tailpipe Test

    Using a tailpipe emission sample the technicial will analyze the exhaust gases emitted from the tailpipe. In 2013 this part of the test may not apply to your vehicle.

  • Certificate

    Once the test is complete the technician will discuss the results, issue the certificate and transmit the results to the DMV.